Another Weak Wednesday



The photo above is another full house of IV’s in my Chemo room on Monday.  Not supposed to take photos, but you can see about 1/3 of the room looking one way.  Lots of people getting treatments for sure.  And the “Monday Group” has started to know each other and share stories & helpful hints.  As many of you know, I have never met stranger!

The Chemo has anti Nausea drugs and also steroids for energy.  They both seem to wear off on Wednesdays & Thursdays for me, making these 2 days the toughest.  The best news is that I get a vacation week next week from the Chemo, so I hope I start to feel like me again.  Only extensive blood work this next Monday.

Have to watch my temperature tonight.  Last Wednesday we almost returned to Emergency Room as they suggested if temperature went higher than 100.5.  Mine rose to 101.4, but we were able to reduce it safely with a colder shower & cold washcloths on my forehead.  Will watch that tonight closely.  Thank Heavens for Connie by my side!  Her husband is up in Maryland trying to close up things there and soon make the real move (with puppies & furniture) to Florida.

Mostly I feel OK with just very little energy today.  But I have come to expect that, so it is not alarming.  I am anxiously looking forward to three more tough Chemo and then RESULTS— should find out how Chemo is working to reduce the tumor, along with all the alternative methods also working to reduce the size.  And I can surely not discount the many many prayers that are coming my way for full recovery.  Keep those coming as I do feel them from so many of you! I am fighting this disease on three fronts!

My goals — reduce the tumor, have surgery to remove the pancreas and work toward the day when I can shout — yes, actually SHOUT — to the world, “I am a Cancer Survivor!”

May all of you feel blessed today as you live your lives.  Enjoy all the little blessings that life gives you in sometimes the simplest of ways.