Pills, pills, pills

In the last few days my life has been doctor phone calls, taking pills, internet learning and taking naps.  Not terribly exciting, but we are trying to detox my body so that I can really be strong for the chemo and for all the alternative procedures & pills I will be doing.

Some of the pills and how many times a day in their little baskets.  I used these same baskets for many years with  slides going to different stock agencies.  Recycling!
Some of the pills and how many times a day in their little baskets. I used these same baskets for many years with slides going to different stock agencies. Recycling!

I am trying to get my digestive system corrected (all that anesthesia being asleep in three probes has disrupted my system).  It seems I am full with just the smallest amount of food — feels like I am taking dietary pills!  I have lost enough weight before being hospitalized, so I do not want to lose more now.

I continue to feel so many peoples’ love and concern for my recovery.  That makes this isolation and struggle so much easier on my outlook.  Thank you all so much for following on the blog.  I know that many of you want to visit or call…. I am just not up to that yet.  There will come a time when I will ask for a visit or call.

Two doctor’s appointments tomorrow, one fro my digestion and one to hear more about my cancer.  Don’t know how much I will know yet.

I am thankful for my spirit.  Every once in a while I get a flashing “Woe is me” moment or two, but I pull right out of it.  My spirit has always been one of Henry Ford’s quote:  “People say they can, people say the can’t — and they are always right!”  So true.  You all know me and I always try to think positive in every situation.  Have not always successful in everything I do, but I will sure give it my best.

That is why I hope that you share this blog with other people who may be having health issues.  Maybe some positive thing I say can also help them.  That has forever been my life’s goal — to motivate.

Happy 4th

Home last night was so much better than it ever has been.  I had three procedures where I had to go “under” in two days back in hospital.  Not fun, but needed.

So I came home last night and slept from 10:30 pm until 10:30 am — 12 hours!   And I just took another 3 hour nap.  I was worn out I do believe.

I am changing my entire eating pattern of life.  I had a divorce this afternoon with “Little Debbie” — cleaned out my refrig of those delicious little devils, Klondikes in the freezer, yogurt with fruit on bottom (I thought they were healthy!), cereals with any sugar, etc etc.  Waste can looked funny!  Sugar feeds the “Fire” of cancer, so no more for me.  And no more sugar substitutes — they may be worse.  I am trying to do this right!


I attach a photo of my living room (taken in winter as there is no fireplace going now).  I love being here with my world photos on the wall, my music, Connie & Byron here to help me.   So much better than a hospital room.

Please continue to not call and just get info from this blog.  I am resting more than I’m not.  Resting for the Chemo fight ahead.  And I am planning to win…..   If you know me, my middle initials are P.A. for Positive Attitude!

I send hugs to all of you for a great July 4th.  The USA is scared right now for any large crowds, so that may well put dampers on many activities in our near futures.  I plan on going over to Denise Smith’s house and watch fireworks from her yard.   I hope I have the energy for that!

Happy Fourth to all of you.  Again, share this blog with anyone that is going thru any illness where they need a positive attitude.  My goal in life has always to inspire people to do their best, to stay positive, etc.