So many people touch our lives



This quote is from the author/poet Hugh Prather, a writer from the 1970’s that I have long read.  His most famous book was “Notes To Myself” and I used this quote of his in my third book “Introspective World” back in 1996,  It has always been meaningful to me.

I know the people that pass us on the street have no bearing on our lives, but I strongly believe that anyone that crossed each of our lives in some meaningful way (some maybe only for a day, some for a lifetime) were SUPPOSED to be there!  We learn, grow, love, change, understand, accept so much of our lives from those people that have come into our life for some REASON!  I like to think that many of the people in my life — and in yours — entered our lives for some important lessons, or some important meanings, and that I learned lessons from them as I grew and matured.  I know we all are a cumulation of the lessons and joys of the relationships that we have fostered over the years with people that we love and that have touched us.  That should bring us all comfort today in each of our lives.

I think of so many people’s effects on my life as I fight this cancer battle.  And I thank them all for being SIGNIFICANT to my growth as a man and a person.  And I so appreciate their prayers and warmth as I continue down this path of becoming a Cancer Survivor.

About my health:  I had three shots this week to boost my white cell count, so I can enter tomorrow the third tough Chemo treatment.  This Chemo is sure not for the meek of heart!  The three things you “fight” each week are no appetite, no energy and getting “regular”.  That seems like the norm now, but it is an ongoing struggle to work on all three.

Tonight I am going to try to attend for a short time a Celebration of Life for a dear friend, Dana McFadden, who just died of Brain Cancer after a long fight.  Dana’s mother, Cassandra, is one of my favorite people in the entire world and I have known the family for over 30 years.  Cassandra owned the best modeling agency in Orlando at the time back then and I shot so many assignments using their models for many years.  I even used Cassandra so often in Florida Tourism ads, bank ads, business ads, etc.  She was a perfect model indeed. Cassandra’s three beautiful daughters — Dana, Jetta and Autumn — were good friends and models of mine for years also.  Even though I am weak, I hope to have the energy tonight to pay my respects for her life and her family.

I close again with hope for all of you.  Life is so short — live your life positively, happily and peacefully.  I send a ray of hope to anyone that may also be fighting health or other concerns as you read this blog of mine from time to time.  Your positive attitude will carry you often thru the darkest hours.  Cheers.