Working on building up my white cells



Yes, this saying can be so true as you meet and relate to people.  If you sometimes consider what they may be going through in their own private life, it may be easier to understand their reactions at times.  Food for thought for us anyway.

I have been spending the last three days going to the hospital just for a shot to increase my while cell count so that I can take the tough 3rd Chemo treatment on Monday afternoon.  It has been a week of just again trying to find the pace I need, the energy I need, and to get my body ready for the next round.  I am trying to stay “regular”, increase my appetite, and get plenty of rest.  This disease is not for the meek indeed.

One thing I have noticed is that I have much more time to notice the soft, gentle things that come into my life.  I am now more aware of the old saying “smell the roses”.  This is something we all need to work on as we too often rush through our days & nights.

The last few nights I have marveled at the colors of the sky at sunset… the sheer beauty of nature.  I am able to relax and watch this more now and listen to the birds more.  I am thankful for these times of peace as I rest.

Many, many people have shared this blog so if there are any people reading that have a major health issue themselves — or a loved one has that issue — I hope that something I would say here from time to time can help you see the light rays of hope that I see.  I really feel this is my calling now — not photography right now, not living fully now — just helping many people to see and understand the hope that we humans need to adjust to major changes in lifestyle & health.  For all of you, I say again:  keep that strong faith and positive outlook.  It will help so much in any part of life.  Peace….