I need your help for this to go viral


This will be a different type of blog today.  I have received so many emails from people that I do not know saying “I do not know you, but my  (fill in blank) sent your blog to me, and it has given me a ray of hope in my cancer/disease fight.  Thank you for your positive spirit”.

This has really warmed my heart.  Totally … from people I will never meet! Many of you that do know me have probably heard me lecture somewhere on this planet, or traveled with me, maybe read one of my books, seen me on TV shows, or somehow know that I have so enjoyed trying (and you never know if you do) to inspire people in my life.  I usually talk inspiration about either traveling our wonderful world, taking beautiful photos or to just LIVE your life fully, not always waiting to do what you want until someday — and that someday sometimes never comes. (Where is Wayne Dyer when we need him?)

This cancer may well have made me take a MAJOR right-turn on inspiration!  Judging from the emails I have received, my life goal now may be to inspire people to stay positive all over the world, even if they get the scary news that I have received!  That may well be my calling …. and I accept that mission.

In this fight, I am not taking my eyes off of my MAIN goal now.  I want to stand in front of an audience to speak again and say these  powerful & positive words:


But I need your help!  I need each of you (or many of you) to simply share my blog here on Facebook.  That can make this go viral — reaching unknown people that just need a ray of inspiration.  If you share with your FB friends, hopefully many of them will share to their friends, etc etc. We may never know if it touched them, but if it does, isn’t it worth one share on your FB page to help people that will see this as it develops a following exponentially?  I hope that you will help me with this project, as I sit in my house and want to help others see the light at the end of so many dark tunnels.  You — and I — will never know how many people it has helped, but it won’t help anyone unless we get it out there.  I am asking — and hoping — for your help.

This exponential viral message I did about a year ago.  You remember Cecil The Lion who was killed by a “macho hunter” ( and I use both words loosely) in Africa as he proudly took a photo of his “trophy”.  I started a new campaign called “Shoot Africa With Cameras, Not Guns”.  I did the same thing with this campaign then and it went viral wonderfully.  Because of my photography background, I got the support of photo organizations like ASMP and PPA, along with many many photo clubs and even some hunting organizations.  At last count we had almost a million “hits” last year.  More importantly, it made these so-called macho guys realize they were not very cool to shoot & kill beautiful lions from driving a jeep towards resting lions who are not even running and then take pictures of the kill and bring back their “trophies”.  They were ostracized  from society somewhat and it stopped many of the hunts.

This mission is even more important to us than that.  This can bring hope to some people who really need it at a very dark time (believe me, I feel it sometimes!) and I pray it can do some good things on this planet as this goes as viral as it possibly can.

I don’t ask much of many people in my life — but I am asking each of you for simply one click to share this with the masses.  I hope that you understand and you can feel the good it will do to people we would never reach otherwise.

Thank you for allowing me that time to talk directly to each of you.

Now, Cancer news from me.  I had my #2 Chemo yesterday (they would not allow me to shoot a photo in the room) at the giant Florida Hospital complex and it went well.  So far today, I feel better than I felt last Tuesday.  Wednesday was

The city of Florida Hospital has become my home away from home.

the worst day last week, but I am hoping that I can keep my appetite, my taste buds, my regularity, and not have the nausea I had last week.  I think my hair is starting to thin, so I anticipate losing it soon.  Oh welI, it’s only hair and it will grow back. I  will keep my positive spirit to help with these concerns as I progress this week.

I do have one problem that is not rare with Chemo.  Remember I opted for the most powerful drugs & largest amount in my protocol,  so my white blood count is already low.  So tomorrow, Thursday & Friday I will go downtown to get regular shots of Neupogen to increase my white blood count so that I can have the third Chemo treatment.  Then I have a week off of Chemo and I am already thinking of that as a vacation!  Yeah!!

I send warm and positive vibes to all of you as I close here.  Live your lives fully and enjoy all that our world offers positive.  Avoid all the terror, the hatred, even the horrible two-party political fighting and just enjoy the little things that make you happy.  Do MORE of those!