Thinking of wonderful travels today.

Not much news at as I await the second Chemo treatment coming on Monday.  Still lack much of my energy and appetite, but I am adjusting (as well as you can).  I do sleep a lot, but I think that is what my body needs.

But rather than talk today about cancer or sleep, etc, I want to think of wonderful moments in my travels all over the world. This is an energetic “First Wife” in the Bena Tribe in the Lower Omo Valley of Ethiopia.
I spent over an hour talking to this charming lady, and her spirit lifted mine that day also. In all my travels, I am most happy that I have always been willing to take the time to meet and enjoy so many local people in such diverse corners of our planet. They truly made my life more fulfilled and I also hope I left some small amount of joy with them as we talked. It is what made my travels always soar as I realized how much in common all people on Earth have even though our customs may differ widely.
Today as I battle my disease, she again lifts my spirit with her radiant smile and zest for life in such a tough environment to live.   And I thank her again!