It is Thursday now and not much has happened to report since my Chemo on Monday.  I have lacked energy for sure, and done lots of sleeping.  If you know me, you probably find it hard to think of Bill with low energy, huh?  Hey, me too.

The only real bad day was believe it or not, yesterday.  I was somewhat nauseous most of the day, although I did not throw up.  But I had NO energy.  My appetite is not really there, although I still can taste food.  I am thankful for that.  The biggest problem seems to be getting “regular” and they say that will happen a lot of the days of these tough chemo treatments.  Funny, how something like that can be your “goal” all day!?  But it is where I am, so I will continue to do the best I can.

I thank all of you again daily for your caring, thoughts & prayers.  I am gathering them up in my heart & mind as I continue to surge forward.  My best advise to all of you is the same advise I gave so many of you long before I discovered this Big C word:  Live your life fully each day and appreciate all the small joys of living.  It seems tougher to do today with all the tragic events we see almost every other day somewhere on our planet, but you can still love life and flourish if you set your mind to looking at the GOOD in life!  That would be my prayer for all of you.  Cheers….