Time for a haircut I guess

It is early Monday morning and I am finishing up for the day to get ready for the big day today (Monday).  Never have I ever looked forward to something happening that will not be pleasant at all!  But if it makes me better, I am as ready as I will be.

I will start chemo at 1:30 pm and let’s hope I made the right decision.  I have decided to go for the “full blast” of chemo on weeks 1,2,3 and then one off for probably three months.  I decided from the last blog that even though I know I will “suffer” more from the larger doses of the these very strong chemo drugs and the rugged schedule (rather than every other week), it could well help to reduce the tumor more. So I realize I will be feeling fairly lame for three weeks a month, let’s do it, while hoping & praying for the best results.

Today I decided to get a short haircut, probably the last one for a while.  I will more than likely lose my hair, so this will help it not to fall out in clumps.  Again, I am new at this, so I really have no idea how these powerful drugs will affect me.

My last haircut for some time. I can see my ears now!

I hope I have the energy to write here every few days and keep all of you posted on progress.  I will probably have my immune system screwed up, so I will have to be careful if I am out & about at times.  I may have to wear a mask.  Where is the Lone ranger when you need him?

I close this stating that I am ready to go with this decision and am praying for the best.  I have tried in my entire life to somehow inspire & inform people thru my photography, my 15 books and my many lectures.  I hope that I can also inspire you to LIVE each day — do not put things off for someday.  You are NOT promised any time in the future.  As most of you know, I always lived that way fully (perhaps sometime too much, I imagine),  but even now I am looking at the future eye-to-eye and I still want to live FULLY and do it all some more.  My entire adult life has found me with camera in hand, exploring every crevice on this Earth, to share with audiences the beauty and the many stories of our world.  Even my website always had short written stories next to each of the images shown.

Now, I need the thoughts & prayers of so many of you.  I have never needed this concern before — I know I really have been blessed.  But I can’t tell you how good it feels to know I have a small army behind me to lift me up on this fight.  Your prayers and emails make me joyful and I must tell you that here.  I read them all and smile — and smiling is what I need for sure!  Thanks everyone.