Lots of activity in next few days

In the next few days, I will be really busy working on this cancer.  Tomorrow we drive to Jacksonville to MD Anderson to get a important second opinion.  Don’t know if it will be different or not.  Then on Wednesday, I fly with Byron, who is going home for awhile, to Maryland and will spend two days with my great doctor friend who has been sending me so many Alternative Medicine procedures — and so many supplements.  I will probably get two interveinal drips while there.  These two things will determine if I start chemo on Monday the 18th or not.  I am anxious to know.

I sure hope I have enough energy for the flight and travel.  Me, the world traveler, now worries about energy for one small flight?  Wow, how things have changed!

So in a few days, I should know more ideas and procedures.  I am learning as fast as I can, but thank God for Connie & Byron who know medicine inside out and advise me

The gay nightclub that had the horrible murders on June 12th.
The gay nightclub that had the horrible murders on June 12th.

Today, I wanted to go to see the horrible Pulse Nightclub murder scene here in Orlando, so my studio manager Michele drove me there to take pictures & video.  It was HOT, but actually felt good to shoot — this is what my career always has been.  I share  a cell photo here of the club and all the memorial signage, flowers etc.