My Home Team Arrives & Back for Some Testing for Details

Haven’t written for three days, as it has turned so very busy here.  Unbelievable how much to do and decide.

First, I would love to thank so very, very many of my dear friends and family for both there loving emails and for respecting my wishes about not calling.  There are not enough hours in the day to do all that I have to do, so I just can’t talk on the phone with people going over & over details.  Please make this blog your (hopefully) loving & positive place to find the latest news.

The last two days have been a blur of calls for appointments, procedures, preps, discussions of plans, etc etc.  No time to really relax and I need to do that soon!  I need to have the strength for what is ahead and I plan on going at this dreaded disease in traditional & alternative nutrition methods.  Getting the best of both organized!  I have already changed my eating by more than 180 degrees — I do not even recognize my new diet & food choices!  I thank my old friend doctor Paul Beals, and my dearest friend Terre Arrigoni (who just went thru cancer), for their guidance and determination to change this traveling guy whose only decision each night was “Where will I eat” whether at home or somewhere on the planet.  Man I had it easy!

Beware of the new Bill — yes, I may even be cooking some healthy food myself!  OK, my close friends, take the time to pick yourself off the floor!

All day yesterday, my best friend (really like my sister) Connie and her husband Bryon came into town to stay at my home for a long time.  We spent so much of the day going over food to have, choices, No-Nos, etc.  Oh no, never another “Little Debbie” sweet.  🙁

And a wonderful, wonderful thing happened.  Jordan, my youngest stepson, flew down from Atlanta for the day to spend with me.  So sweet and so needed!  He filled my heart with joy!   Golly, that felt terrific!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.59.41 PM
Jordan made my heart sing with his gentle love yesterday. I am 6’5” and both boys are bigger & taller than me. Can you feel my pride?

As a team we set a lot of goals and procedures together.  Terre taught us so much about what we eat and put into our bodies. It was a rushed, but so productive day

Last night I checked back into the hospital to redo a few tests this morning.  They went well, I think, and I’ll stay until tomorrow to put in port for Chemo and to do a colonoscopy.  Oh, the fun things we do now!

I still send warm positive vibes to all of those that read this and care for me.  I can not say how much it means to me knowing your caring & prayers are sent my way.  I can not have too many positive thoughts and prayers helping me!  Keep them coming my dear people! I think many of you have always seen my outer strengths and assumed I can do anything.  Well, humbly, I am learning much more I need to work on now with inner strength and will power.  I always took that for granted, and it is an experience that I am learning how to apply internal strength to my body & life.