Restless Sleep

A restless sleep all night. So much on my mind, so many paths, procedures etc ahead. Not only do I want to beat this cancer, but I want to have my life back where it is helping & inspiring others. In the last 15 years of my life, I have managed to slide away from making money on assignments and I have spent more time writing books, preparing slide show lectures and guiding my small but wonderful Bachmann Tour Overdrive travel group witness with me the wonders and joys of our beautiful planet. I want that back!

The nurse took this while I was resting before I left the hospital.
The nurse took this while I was resting before I left the hospital.

Still in the hospital as I write this. The system seems to have slowed as I wait for doctors and test results. I guess the weekend has slowed results, but I sure am anxious to hear the results to see if the cancer is anywhere else and to give it a name. You need to know your enemy to fight it!

Finally at 9 pm, I write this from home. They let me go home to really rest (who gets rest in a hospital?) even though I have no answers to the tests. I will get a port for the chemo in three days, I believe.

On the way driving home, thru all the construction zones of the interstate 4. Cars are whipping around me driving in the center lane, passing on right & left, cutting in front and going 20 + miles past the speed zone. Very unsafe — to get to their home or to a restaurant 1 ½ minutes faster. After you start to face cancer or another major life problem, you want to tell them to stop their rush that could kill someone and it is just not that important in the scheme of things.

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  1. My love and prayers are with you Bill. Glad to hear you are including the Alternative route also. I’m a firm believer in it. Rest, let us pray your worries away. Take care.

  2. Heavenly Father I thank you for your mighty healing powers…Nothing is too hard for you…If your willing I ask for your grace and mercy to heal Bill…Give him peace and strength as he wait for you the mighty warrior. Guide the doctors and his support team as your spirit moves…I praise you for who you are the unstoppable God. To you be the Glory in the name of Jesus

  3. Bill, I am Chery Emmer, Rick Bauer’s sister. In ’91 they discovered four kinds of breast cancer, stage 4….only 20% chance of living 5 years without a bone marrow transplant. They did the surgeries at MD Anderson. We did the chemo, radiation and Bone Marrow Transplant in Tulsa, our hometown. We had SO many prayer warriors, as I am sure you have too, but now you have one more in Tulsa, OK.

  4. Bloody hell, Bachmann! What the heck…..I love you more than ever and I am so glad that you have people in your life that will be there taking care of you or else I would’ve left Kennedy in Colfax.

    Forever one of the boys…

    I will be on my knees for you.


  5. Glad you’re home bill. My Facebook friends all sending prayers your way…… Me too!!!

    You have an excellent team of doctors, thankfully, and I know they will do all that can find you. Combo traditional and alternative make a lot of sense.

  6. My thoughts are with you. I respect that you’ve laid down the “rules” about visits & phone calls. That sounds very smart. Also, this blog, I hope that it’s therapeutic for you. I bet it will be.

  7. Praying for strength and peace in the battle ahead. God will be there for you just believe no matter how difficult it might become.

  8. Bill you have the Greatest support group ever, you have touched many in so many wonderful ways, Lisa and I included. Rest as much as possible, stay focused on the end game, ask and we will provide.

  9. Bill, we in California have you in our thoughts and prayers. Last year I walked in your shoes and still made it to Iceland with you. The strength and support you get from your decades of friends will carry you. No worries.

  10. Seeing big old teddy bear Bill in bed makes my heart hurt. I’ll be sending you all my good intentions and prayers and checking your blog daily if possible. I want you back in your life again just as you do.

  11. Bill, you do not really know me. I know you from your website of beautiful, professional and Artful photography. In all my life I have never seen such photography. Through your passion and skill you have inspired me and I presume thousands of others. You are in my prayers. God bless.

  12. Bill,
    I have 3 churches I attend and we will all be praying for you. When ever I face ‘hell’ my faith keeps me positive. There is nothing in this life we can’t handle with the Holy Spirit in our hearts… May you feel the comforting love of our holy father as he wraps his healing arms around you! Praying on my knees God Bless and heal you!

  13. Bill, so sorry to hear your news. Will keep you in my prayers and send warm thoughts your way often. You’re a fighter and know you will give it your all. Glad you have so much help and support. Rely on them and take care of yourself. Shelley

  14. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. If we can be of service , we are two Houses away.
    Rudy and Freddie Maxwell

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