Blur of Doctors

Today is a blur of doctors, discussions on plans, X-rays to see if the cancer has spread to my chest, etc. Do not have results back yet, but one doctor said that the X-ray looked good. I am still waiting to hear the results of the biopsy to identify the type of cancer.

I had told several of my friends about the hospital stay and they showed up with card, balloons, etc. And we laughed for several hours. But I honestly also can say, I was exhausted by the hours we talked. I have very little energy now and I have so much reading, resting & relaxing to do. I also must save my energy for healing! A lady from the hospital said to me: โ€œYou have to protect your energyโ€. And I realize that is true. I canโ€™t have tons of company and hundreds of calling messages.

Sherry Brewer & Terre Arrigoni tried to cheer the ol' guy up in the only way they knew! PS They were totally dressed :-)
Sherry Brewer & Terre Arrigoni tried to cheer the ol’ guy up in the only way they knew! PS They were totally dressed ๐Ÿ™‚

I love my friends and I know they all want to call and comfort me, but I must turn my phone off or I will be giving โ€œreplaysโ€ all day and wearing myself out. So, seriously, please use this blog as your update. You can email your thoughts to my email (at top of blog) and I will read all of them when I can. There will be times I will reach out to many of you for companionship, getting together and hugging, but let me get into this program and see what I am capable of doing. The chemo will wear me out I am sure, so I will need to recoup from that.

My best friend in the world, Connie Beals, and her husband Bryon, are coming down on Wednesday to stay at my house for several months. Connieโ€™s ex-husband, Dr Paul Beals, also is an alternative doctor so we will be going at this cancer from two levels — traditional and alternative. Bryon will be looking for a job here in Florida (they have wanted to move to Florida for years) so he will be job hunting.

Connie will be with me everyday, taking me to hospital visits, holding my hand when the chemo gets you down, and helping with all the alternative therapy that I want to start. One other dear friend, Terre Arrigoni, who just had cancer and is beating it with all the nutrition that I will need. (she was in the bed with me today on this fun photo!). I thank God for all four of these people to be my support system — God bless you Connie, Paul, Bryon & Terre.

So I sleep very restlessly tonight thinking of all that is ahead .

What do I need the most?? All of your sincere prayers! I want to be out there guiding trips, shooting travel, writing books and doing what small things I can do in my life to inspire others. Please understand I need your prayers so much and your love. And please understand that I can not write or call others now and talk all day. But I will feel your love & support and it will make my shoulders wider and my smile more radiant.

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  1. I love you Bill! Hang in there old friend. Trust in the Lotd and rely on His strength always! <

  2. Bill, I did the cancer journey 3 years ago with breast cancer. I was amazed to find that I could actually feel the prayers & love surrounding me, like warm, comforting arms. It was awesome

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